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Nanjing C.Nanjing C.

Dr. GUO is the best dentist I have ever met. She is professional and very patient. I had great experience over there. Read More

Xyza MarbellaXyza Marbella

I will always recommend this Dental Office for an excellent services and reasonable price! My friends and family always come here to have our cleanings and fillings! The best experience for our oral hygiene health here in San Diego! Thanks to Dr. Claudette and Hygienist Ms. Rose and Ms. Chery and also Ms. Kate for making our schedules! Quality, Professionals, easy to talk to, and Happy people!

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Elaine FullerElaine Fuller

Great service from start to finish. Dr. Chalkin is amazing ! Rose is awesome and the whole entire staff. The office looks very clean and organized. Thank you for taking care of me & my husband. Shout out to Kate, Chery, Maria & Claudia.

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Steve AhunaSteve Ahuna

Dr. Chaikin and support staff are excellent in knowledge, skill and customer service. I used to go to my local dentist for over 20 years but when my brother told me about Dr. Chaikin, I decided to give her a try.
My drive from my office to her practice is about 1 hour versus 10 min. to my former dentist's office.
But the quality of work and great attitude from everyone makes the 1 hour drive unimportant and trivial.

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Josh M.Josh M.

During a visit to SD, I had purchased a Groupon for a cleaning / dental exam with Dr. Chaikin. I thought that she'd skimp on the appointment because it was... Read More

Raf L.Raf L.

My cousin recommended me to them and its my first time in decades since i visited the dentist and i must say Dr. Claudette and her staff are amazing!... Read More

anh phamanh pham

LOVED: Dr. Kuo for my teeth cleaning and friendly new staff
Disliked: all the logistical hiccups and price hike for teeth cleaning
Overall 3.5 star rating for my most recent experience November 2021.

I've been going to this particular office for 15 years, when it was originally under a different owner. Now with new management, the office has raised it's prices for dental cleaning, which is upsetting since I've been a long time patient but I went due to familiarity. I give a 4-star rating for exceptional teeth cleaning from Dr. Kuo (an original dentist of the old office) and for the new friendly staff but a 3 star rating for the operations/logistics for today's visits.

Since the dental practice recently transferred to new management, there were some hiccups along the way: The front office didn't know my name from looking at the schedule and asked me if I was "insert name here." From a HIPAA standpoint, I would suggest asking for the patient's name when checking in if they are a new face and unfamiliar instead of giving another patient's name to verify identity. Also, they had difficulty obtaining my medical records, asking me for the date of my last visit in order to find it in a box somewhere (it was not yet in their electronic medical records). Since I'm a regular visitor, I had my past dental appointments in my calendar. However, the onus should not fall on the patient to retrieve that type of info. I made my appointment a week ago so the office should have been prepared with my file.

Lastly, the biggest disappointment for me was during the teeth cleaning, the dental assistant was not available for the duration of my teeth cleaning, like she usually is. Under old management, I always had the dentist and assistant present for my teeth cleaning. This time, I only had the dentist work on my teeth and she did a great job, but it seemed like the procedure could have went smoother with a dental assistant helping with the suction tool. Instead, the assistant came at the end to polish my teeth, and even then she was having to move between patients in the middle of my appointment due to short staffing. The staff was nice of course, apologizing for the inconvenience, but it really didn't need to be that way if there was more staffing.

I would like to suggest hiring more staff to have everything run more efficiently so that apologies don't have to be given out to patients for interrupting their care.

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G CerezoG Cerezo

Outstanding Service provided by Dr. Chaikin and her team. Excellent cleaning by Dental Hygienist Rose, X-rays by Nurse Claudia, dental exam and dental care plan by Dr. Chaikin and follow up appointment plan with front desk assistant Kate. A great team for my Oral Health Care. Thank you!!

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