When particular dental problems occur, it becomes necessary to treat a patient’s tooth infection or pain with a root canal. Are you experiencing either? If so, a root canal typically is the best treatment option available. In fact, a root canal is often the only way to save a tooth that has been infected severely.

Are you afraid that your root canal will be a painful treatment?

Pain-Free Root Canals

At Convoy Dental Arts, there is no need to be fearful or anxious about receiving a root canal. Dr. Chaikin has a thorough understanding of how to alleviate dental pains. Our team also utilizes advanced instruments and methods that eliminate procedure pain and discomfort. Before we perform all root canals, Dr. Chaikin walks every patient through an overview of:

  • What is a root canal and why it is recommended for your situation
  • What to expect during treatment
  • How to care for your tooth after a root canal


Why Root Canals Are Recommended

Losing a permanent tooth is always the worst-case scenario. Although dental implants have advanced significantly, there are no exact substitutes for natural teeth. Root canals help to preserve your natural tooth by removing infected material which will eventually destroy the tooth. During the procedure, Dr. Chaikin will clean out the canals of the tooth and disinfect it before filling it. Root canals are completed with a dental crown which seals the canals from further damage.

Tooth canals differ in size, width, and length. Additionally, some curve in ways that can make root canals more challenging than others. Dr. Chaikin has extensive experience in treatment approaches for root canals of varying types.