Were you aware that dental crown can do more than changing the appearance of a damaged tooth?  Dental crowns (or caps) are restorative dental treatments that protect teeth for years (in some cases as long as 40 years!)  Convoy Dental Arts provides world-class dental procedures including crowns for patients throughout San Diego.  Dr. Chaikin has several years of specialty training in cosmetic and restorative dentistry as well as hundreds of happy patients.  We hope to make you one of them!

San Diego Dental Crowns

Many of our new patients want to know why they need a crown (and understandably so).  In most occasions, we recommend a dental crown when there is a considerable amount of damage to a tooth.  Some of those situations include:

  • A tooth that has had a root canal
  • Repairing a tooth with a damaged large filling
  • Reinforcement of a broken or cracked tooth
  • Covering a severely decayed tooth

Nevertheless, Dr. Chaikin may also require a dental crown to complete other dental treatments like dental implants, bridges, and some dentures.

Crowns also serve two important functions for your teeth.  First, teeth that are weakened by decay or other trauma are greatly strengthened by crowns.  Secondly, once tooth damage is worked on, it is necessary to protect the tooth from further injury.

San Diego Dental Crown Procedures

Dr. Chaikin and our dental staff will provide all of the details necessary for the dental exam, crown treatment, and post-treatment care.  Every procedure has different circumstances, but there are four main steps that take place when getting a dental crown.

  1. The crown (or cap) will need to fit securely over the tooth it is designed for; hence, the tooth is reshaped.
  2. Impressions of the tooth and adjacent teeth are taken to make sure the crown fits comfortably.
  3. Until the crown is created, a temporary crown is used to protect the tooth.
  4. Once the permanent crown arrives, you will be scheduled for its placement.

Do you have questions about getting a crown or a specific dental problem?  Call our office and schedule a free dental consultation with Dr. Chaikin. (858) 569-1918