Dr. Chaikin always considers the latest treatments, technologies, and post-care strategies for all of her patients.  Consequently, Convoy Dental Arts is pleased to offer laser gum treatment as an option for periodontal therapy.

Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

Depending on the severity of the periodontal disease, Dr. Chaikin may recommend laser gum treatment.  There are several reasons why laser gum treatment may be the right option for you.  Consider some of the benefits of the treatment below.

  • Lasers can eliminate bacteria without damaging or irritating healthy gum tissue.
  • It is possible to use these dental lasers to remove infected tissues resting deep within gum pockets (this aids the sterilization process which is vital to healing).
  • The treatment makes use of thermal coagulation which instantly seals (cauterizes) blood vessels which minimize blood loss and speeds the healing process.  This also reduces the probability of post-treatment infection.
  • There is a stark difference between the precision of a scalpel gum treatment and laser gum treatment.  The latter is far more precise.
  • Post-treatment healing is faster and more comfortable because there is less swelling.
  • The majority of patients that opt for laser gum treatment do not require a prescription for pain medication.  Most patients return to work, school or normal activities the next day following treatment.
  • Treatment is fast and does not require a long appointment.


Laser Gum Treatment and Periodontal Therapy

It takes time for gum disease to deteriorate healthy tissue.  Likewise, it takes time to completely restore gum healthiness.  If you suffer from periodontal disease, Dr. Chaikin will design a therapy plan which may involve multiple treatments.  Even after a laser gum treatment, it may be necessary to take other steps to improve your oral health.  The main goal will be to dramatically reduce bad bacteria and allow the gums to heal properly.