Dental Emergencies in Convoy

Contact us immediately if you are currently experiencing a dental emergency. (858) 569-1918 

A dental emergency involves any of the following:

  • A laceration (or large cut) in the cheek, gum, or lip
  • Bleeding gums after blunt trauma
  • Loss of a dental filling, crown, or other dental work damage
  • Loss of tooth or teeth
  • Trauma that causes tooth or teeth to be loose
  • Excruciating pain emanating from tooth, gums, or jaw

Never hesitate to call Convoy Dental Arts if you experience a dental emergency!

Emergency Dentistry

There are several reasons why patients require emergency dentistry. However, most dental emergencies are due to teeth being loosened or knocked out due to blunt trauma.

If a tooth is severely loose due to trauma:

  • Call for emergency dental help
  • Get a cold compress on the tooth and gum area to minimize swelling
  • Do not wiggle or move the tooth (doing so could completely dislodge the tooth from its socket)


If a tooth is removed from its socket due to trauma:

  • Cal for emergency dental help
  • Recover the tooth and wash it off
  • Place it back into its socket (if the tooth does not stay in the socket or cannot be put back in for other reasons, place it in clean ice water or milk)


It is vital to get to the dental emergency facility as quickly as possible—especially if the tooth is dislodged from the gum.


Emergency Dental Treatment

Upon arrival, our staff will most likely administer a local or general anesthesia to dull your pain. In emergency situations, it is extremely important for the dental procedure to consider your immediate and long-term oral health concerns. Dr. Chaikin always takes appropriate measures to preserve natural teeth if at all possible.