Dental Night and Sports Guards

Protecting your teeth with a mouth guard is typically used in two settings — athletic events and while sleeping.  In either case, there are several reasons why you should consider seeing a dentist before choosing a mouth guard.  Convoy Dental Arts creates customized mouth guards for patients in need of mouth guards.  Would you benefit from using a mouth guard?  If so, read the information below to see why you’ll want to make an appointment with Dr. Chaikin.

Sports Mouth Guards

Mouth guards prevent tooth and gum injuries during sporting activities.  Accidental falls, hits or forced contact with the mouth can result in partial or total separation of a teeth.  The design of mouth guards reduces the impact suffered by the user.  There are even studies that show that mouth guards minimize the chances of concussions.

Night Mouth Guards

Some people unconsciously clench or grind their teeth at night.  These actions result in multiple dental problems, and the condition is formally known as bruxism.  One common problem with bruxism is the slow wearing away of enamel and dentin of teeth. Nevertheless, the type of mouth guard you use will have a great impact on its effectiveness.

Basic Mouth Guards

Basic (or stock) mouth guards are very inexpensive.  However, they offer the least amount of dental protection.  You can find these type of mouth guards in drug stores or online.  Stock mouth guards are generally non-adjustable.  Other store-bought guards are boilable and are placed in the mouth to shift to the bite.  Yet, these do not adjust very well to teeth and have a propensity to reshape in hot conditions.  Most athletes find basic and boilable mouth guards to be uncomfortable to wear.

Convoy Dental Arts Custom Mouth Guards

Our team designs specialized mouth guards that provide the fullest protection possible.  To create your mouth guard, we:

  • Take digital x-rays of your teeth to ensure a proper fit
  • Take precise measurements of your mouth and teeth
  • Make dental impressions to get a replica of your dental palate

We recommend custom mouth guards for all contact sports and sporting activities that have higher chances of accidental dental impacts.