Convoy Dental Arts recognizes the role of dental technologies in modern dentistry.  Just as technology has revolutionized medical treatment, the same is true of dental procedures.  Dr. Chaikin embraces technology and keeps the entire team at Convoy Dental Arts trained on all advanced dental instruments acquired.  We are proud to use some of the most advanced dental technologies in the world at our practice.

Digital Radiography

We do not use wet film x-rays and only use digital radiography (x-rays).  They are much safer, convenient, and user-friendly.  Here’s why:

  • Digital radiography boasts over 80% less radiation exposure to patients.  Hence, it is much safer than old x-ray tech.  It is also possible to take more images per year without the threat of being over-exposed to radiation.
  • Images from our digital radiography system are available instantly to the patient via screens setups in each treatment room.  The images are downloaded to our archives and can be shared via email to patients or doctors upon need.
  • The clarity of the digital x-ray is much greater allowing us to identify the smallest of details.  This is quite helpful in finding dental issues before they become costly problems.


Intra-Oral Camera

Our Intra-Oral cameras enable us to observe every tooth at extremely close angles.  Since these devices comfortably fit into the hand, they are quite useful during dental procedures.  These tools help us to see:

  • Mini fractures on tooth surfaces
  • Small tooth chipping and the beginning of tooth decay
  • Damaged dental work (cracks in fillings, crowns, and other dental appliances)

We also use our intra-oral cameras to show patients what is exactly going on in their mouths in real-time.

CS 8100 Digital Panoramic System & Cephalometric Imaging

Having the benefit of panoramic and cephalometric imaging significantly enhances the preciseness our diagnoses and treatment planning.  These images allow us to see things like bone structure, tooth healthiness, bite patterns and how teeth are erupting.  These imaging systems are the gold standard in modern dentistry.

Laser Dentistry

As the name implies, laser dentistry makes use of state-of-the-art lasers specially designed for oral use.  A dental laser is extremely versatile.  Dr. Chaikin uses laser dentistry for:

  • Gum disease and tooth decay.  Low-level dental laser can remove decaying parts of the tooth.  This avoids the need to drill and polish the decay away.  Laser light is beneficial in reducing inflammation and removing gum tissue that is infected.
  • Gum contour procedures.  The dental laser can also reshape gums to fix excessively “gummy smiles”.
  • Root canals.  During root canals, the infected pulp and nerve needs to be removed to save the tooth.  Lasers enable us to do so without invasive tools that scrape the infected material away.

Laser dentistry is not ideal for every situation.  Hence, Dr. Chaikin will let you know if using a dental laser is the best option available for your treatment.  Convoy Dental Arts always uses the best dental method and technologies available for each patient.

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

Convoy Dental Arts uses VELscope as a tool to screen patients for oral abnormalities that are cancerous.  However, VELscope is only a part of our dental exam, and we utilize it to enhance examination thoroughness.  During the cancer screening phase of our examinations some of the action we take include:

  • Systematic visual checks of soft mouth tissues
  • Inspection of the tongue (base & borders via digital exam)
  • Checks of oral cavity and neck lymph nodes

In full transparency, VELscope does not diagnose cancer.  Instead, it helps us to identify soft tissues that have abnormalities.  Some tissue defects are not visible to a basic visual exam.  VELscope excels in this regard because it illuminates legions resting on the surface and underneath tissue layers that are experiencing changes in composition.  By using Velscope as a part of our oral examination for cancer screening, we are more confident in fulfilling our responsibility to the health of our patients.

Cancer screenings are a vital part of your medical and dental check-ups.  If you ever question a sore or odd patch in your mouth, call us to schedule an appointment to investigate it.