Professional Teeth Whitening

With advancements in cosmetic dentistry, a natural appearing white smile is possible with an in-office dental treatment. At Convoy Dental Arts, we feature multiple teeth whitening solutions for patients of all circumstances. Have you noticed discoloration in your smile and are looking for the best dentist to help you in San Diego? Then make an appointment with Dr. Chaikin to get the problem resolved!

Significant tooth discoloration occurs due to:

  • Aging: As we age, the enamel on our teeth thins due to wear. Thinner enamel allows yellow/brown dentin to become more visible.
  • Diet: Food and beverages that contain tinting factors such as natural or artificial colors can lead to deep stains on teeth.
  • Medication: Medicines side-effects may include changes in the physiology a pH balance of oral regions that can lead to discolored teeth over time.
  • Decay: Tooth decay due to cavities will permanently discolor teeth if not addressed by a dentist.

Dr. Chaikin can help you if you are dealing with any of the above reasons or tooth discoloration and seek a healthy white smile.

Start Smiling Again.

With treatment up to 2x faster, you’ll be smiling in no time.

San Diego In-Office Teeth Whitening

We believe in restoring naturally beautiful smiles. As part of that endeavor, our cosmetic practice features in-office dental cleanings and teeth whitening solutions. After you make an appointment for your procedure, Dr. Chaikin will consult with you to help you to understand your options. She will also give you in-depth information about brightening your smile in the healthiest way possible. There is so much information about teeth whitening that has short-term effectiveness, but that eventually damages natural teeth. We want you to avoid those measures at all cost.

After your in-office treatment, you will be able to compare the appearance of your smile since all of our in-office teeth whitening solutions render immediate results. Our team will also share important home care instructions to help you maintain your smile.

We also offer at home teeth whitening kits that are customized for your smile. Call us at (858) 569-1918 for more information or to make an appointment.

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Professional Teeth Whitening is a great choice for our patients who are searching for a last impressions and quick improvement of their everyday smile. Rather than using over the counter or a kios at the mall. We encourage patients to use the professional teeth whitening solution only a licensed dentist can provide.

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Our Patients Love Dr. Chaikin and Convoy Dental Arts

  • william floreswilliam flores

    Dr. Chaikin is very good and professional dentist. I was very impressed by the outcome of filling one of my teeth. Since I don’t have insurance, she gave me a special price with deep discount for this expensive work. Her clinic is very clean, well lit and with modern equipment and conveniently located with plenty of parking. Her staff are very helpful and courteous. I will highly recommend her to my family, friends and anyone who needs a very competent dentist.

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  • WenWen

    I’m very satisfied and happy with their services. Dr. Chaikin is very patient, gentle and she is like an artist. My tooth after her fix became a piece of art. All her staffs are friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.

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  • jose cuevasjose cuevas

    Simply the best dentist and great staff 👌👍😀

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  • Xyza M.Xyza M.

    I will always recommend this Dental Office for an excellent services and reasonable price! My friends and family always come here to have our cleanings and... Read More


    Dr. Chaikin is compassionate professional. She always explains what needs to be done and insures that her patients are comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Chaikin takes great pride in her work and has done wonders for my oral appearance. She also makes dental visits something to look forward to. A perfectionist at her work, she instills her professionalism in her very capable staff. It feels like family although it's only twice a year. I highly recommend anyone looking for an excellent dentist and staff to give Dr. Chaikin's office a call for an appointment.

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  • Lee S.Lee S.

    Dr. Chaikin is caring, professional and has great attention to details. So thankful to be under her care Read More

  • Xyza MarbellaXyza Marbella

    I will always recommend this Dental Office for an excellent services and reasonable price! My friends and family always come here to have our cleanings and fillings! The best experience for our oral hygiene health here in San Diego! Thanks to Dr. Claudette and Hygienist Ms. Rose and Ms. Chery and also Ms. Kate for making our schedules! Quality, Professionals, easy to talk to, and Happy people!

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