Complete, Upper, and Lower Dentures

Teeth that are missing or beyond repair will affect the normal function of your mouth. Dentures are dental appliances that can:

  • Restore natural chewing, drinking, and digestion
  • Improve speech clarity
  • Reduce gum soreness from food abrasion
  • Prevent tooth migrations
  • Enhance and support facial tissues and muscles

Whenever Dr. Chaikin recommends dentures, it is to improve the mouth functionality, patient appearance, and overall level of oral health. Convoy Dental Arts provides dentures to older and younger patients with circumstances that require this treatment.


Types of Dentures

There are two categories of dentures that can be designed for your oral situation. If all of your teeth are missing or beyond repair, a complete denture is a typical solution. However, if you have only a few teeth missing from an arch, a partial denture is more applicable.

Dentures are made as a removable set, or they are supportable by implants. Either appliance will help you restore missing tooth functionality. The main difference between implanted dentures and traditional dentures, is that implanted dentures are much more stable.


First Time Denture Patients

The decision to get dentures is a major step. Undoubtedly, you’ll have questions about the process. In fact, before you are cleared to receive dentures, Dr. Chaikin will identify if there are other options that may be more suitable to your oral health and lifestyle. However, with every denture patient, we provide detailed consultations that will cover all denture procedure phases.

If you are found to be an excellent candidate for dentures, you’ll select an appointment to prepare your mouth for the dental appliances. Additional appointments will be set to:

  • Take measurement of your mouth and to get impressions of your gums
  • Try dentures for proper fit, feel, color, and shape
  • Adjust dentures for long-term comfort